Chic Rosy Cosy



Chic Tea Cosy

Well we all like a cup of tea so why not make a pot,

save on tea bags and pour a second cup 😊

This Chic cosy is just the ticket for warming and brightening up Your pot ❤️


Chic Tassel Beanie

So here we have my lovely customers modelling their Beanies 😎

Thanks so much for your support girls ❤️

#buyfromaboat #rovingtraders #handknitted

Very happy to knit to order – your choice – your colour.

Chic doggie sweater


Colour of your choice of course.

All sizes catered for.

This sweater is made in Acrylic yarn for quick and easy wash and dry. It is light weight yet warm and easy to put on your pooch 💕

Prices start at £12  depending on your choice of yarn and size required.